How to Manage Global MedTech Approval Processes from Home
What you will learn:
What a Global Medtech Registration Software is.
How to initiate initial, renewal, transfer or  amendment licenses processes in any country.
How to manage your regulatory workforce, distributor and external consultants, on one system.
Real-time tracking of ongoing registration processes and the approval status' in each market for any product.
How to improve efficiency, cut time and eliminate redundancy for all registrations activities.
*You will also be given the opportunity to use a Global Medtech Registration system to create your product's MDR Tech File or an FDA 510K application.

Host Benny Arazy has been in the medtech regulatory space for 25 years and founded Arazy Group Consultants, a leader in medtech regulatory technology.
The next generation of LICENSALE is here! The newest version of LICENSALE includes ready-to-use medical and IVD device applications in 140 countries, a unique GR-MAP™ for market analysis & planning and real-time registration management and reporting. LICENSALE 2.0 is the most advanced system for medtech regulatory affairs available on the market. 
LICENSALE 2.0 works on a project-based pricing model and includes all regulatory compliance resources from Arazy Group Consultants.
New LICENSALE® 2.0 Features
 and many more...

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